The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler in Your Life

Somehow, it’s already Christmas time and you’re probably simultaneously relieved for the holidays to be here and also ready for this year to just be over already.

It’s been a really tough year for everyone and if you’re lucky enough to still have all of your loved ones healthy and safe, there’s plenty to still be grateful for during the holidays.

Even if things aren’t immediately back to normal at the beginning of 2021, the idea of a fresh start has me very hopeful. The ability to see my Canadian relatives, attend events and even travel again could return in the next year. In my opinion, even in the midst of the worst of this pandemic, those are reasons to celebrate and be optimistic.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has an exact trip planned for the moment travel is safe again. If you know someone who is dying to take that postponed vacation or loves traveling in general every chance they get, this is the perfect travel gift guide to get them the most thoughtful (and useful) gifts.

If you can’t afford to take your travel lovers somewhere (totally understandable), give them something to take with them to remind them of you and make their travels easier and more convenient.

For your convenience, you can find all of these gift ideas online and on Amazon. Happy Holidays and hopefully happy traveling soon!

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1. Country tokens necklace

Shop this gift from The Wander Club.

This gift is perfect because it is something that can be used immediately and is customizable for every person. Travelers love to count the countries they have visited and find special ways to remember them all. What better way to do that than to wear them?

2. Powerful portable charger

Shop this solar powered charger on Amazon.

Every traveler knows how important a portable charger is when they are spending long hours out sightseeing and hoping their phone battery lasts long enough to not miss any memorable pictures and get them home at the end of the night. Having a reliable charger takes all of the worries away.

3. International plug adapter

Shop on Amazon.

Having a good adapter for electronics is obviously super important. Make sure that your traveling friends and family never have to think about this again by gifting them an international plug adapter. This way they can be positive that no matter where their travels take them, they will always be prepared.

4. Portable travel jewelry box

Shop this jewelry box on Amazon.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been packing our jewelry for trips in random boxes or bags and arriving at our destination with tangled necklaces and loose earrings in our suitcase. It’s happened to everyone, but it doesn’t have to happen anymore when you gift your loved ones this adorable mini jewelry box to keep all of their accessories safe and organized. For other beauty related gift ideas, check out my travel beauty essentials post!

5. A new luggage set

Shop this set on Amazon.

Many people already have some kind of luggage for traveling, but receiving a nice new set that matches is a really great gift. I know lots of people who borrow mismatched bags from friends or family and while they may not want to drop the money on it themselves, would love to receive their own set. I highly recommend purchasing a set with a hard exterior to ensure that the contents of the luggage remain undamaged during travel.

6. Digital luggage scale

Shop this scale on Amazon.

This gift is perfect for your over-packing friend or someone who likes to buy a lot of souvenirs when they travel. I’ve been in many situations where I’ve worried about my checked bag being too heavy and having to pay a large fee. This gift might not be the most exciting to give someone, but I promise your traveling friend will be so excited to receive it and know that they no longer need to stress about their luggage weight or pay fees again.

7. Portable tripod

Shop this gift on Amazon.

An absolute must have for any solo traveler or photographer, this tripod is easy to transport and perfect for getting the best shots everywhere you go. I really wish I had one of these just for my phone as there are always times when I want to get a nice selfie, but I feel awkward asking someone to take the photo for me.

8. Twist memory foam pillow

Shop this pillow on Amazon.

This travel pillow is a total game changer. You know when you get the window seat on a plane and you’re super excited because you think you’re going to get such good sleep but then you just end up disappointed at how uncomfortable your neck is and you don’t actually get any sleep at all? You need this pillow. It can twist and move in any direction you’d like to form the perfect sleep cushion and get you those much needed z’s. Tip: buy an extra for lumbar support when you’re flying on those budget airlines and the seats are a bit lacking.

9. Packing cubes

Shop on Amazon.

These are perfect for anyone that gets excited about organization. Maybe I’m the only one, but even if you just want to make someone’s life (or your’s) easier when packing and traveling, these cubes are a great gift. They can be used to separate different types of clothing and even to keep dirty clothes apart from the clean stuff. An underrated gift for sure.

10. Travel journal

Shop this journal on Amazon.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love physical travel journals. Even as a blogger, I think there is something so nice about having a physical journal to take with you and write down your ideas and emotions while you’re there. When seeing new and beautiful places for the first time, there are usually a lot of thoughts and feelings going on, what better way to capture them than having a journal with you to write everything down?

11. Flat makeup bag

Shop this bag on Amazon.

Hear me out. This makeup bag can hold everything you need and then open and collapse, giving you a perfect flat surface of makeup that is easy to sort through and find what you’re looking for. When you’re finished, you can close the top back up and everything is stored nicely in the bag. This makes doing makeup in a hotel such a breeze and it’s so easy to transport everything if you’re staying in several different places.

12. Ticket stub momento box

Shop this one on Amazon.

This gift is absolutely perfect for someone who is missing travel right now and needs somewhere to store and display all of their tickets from traveling. This is the perfect way to keep all of those ticket stubs and boarding passes that we keep but don’t really have a good plan for. This cute little box can be kept anywhere and it is a great reminder of all the wonderful memories that traveling gives us.

13. Collapsible water bottle

Shop this one on Amazon.

Staying hydrated while traveling is extremely important. The only issue is that packing a reusable water bottle takes up valuable space in a suitcase or carry-on bag. This collapsible water bottle is a perfect way to stay hydrated, avoid wasteful single-use water bottles and not take up much space. It’s a win-win-win.

14. Lumbar support cushion

Shop this cushion on Amazon.

If someone you know likes to travel in the car a lot, a cushion for the seat would make a great gift. This is something that’s easy to attach and can be used on basically any seat. Struggling with back pain can ruin a vacation. Help your loved one to have a better experience by preventing any uncomfortable trips.

15. Scratch off map

Shop this example on Amazon.

This is another great idea for someone who hasn’t been able to travel for a while, but wants to enjoy the memories. These posters can go on any wall and you simply scratch off the places you’ve been to. You can get a map of the whole world, just the United States or any other region to have a visual representation of all the places you’ve been.

Of course the holidays are a time of giving and showing the people around you that you love them. It is so important, however, to find ways to do this while not putting a financial strain on yourself. This year has been difficult for many and if you can’t afford a fancy gift, show someone you care in other ways. Happy holidays everyone!

What’s your favorite travel related gift you’ve ever received? Which gift from this list are you hoping to get this year?

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