8 DIY Travel Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you probably leave your costume idea to the last minute. Don’t worry! If you’re one of these people, I’ve got you covered.

Halloween is a special holiday because it is an opportunity to use your imagination and have fun for a day. Young and old, everyone can and should participate. I’ve had some pretty good times in the past making my own funny Halloween costumes.

I love making a DIY costume that is clever and will make people laugh. It’s even better when I can create the outfit for little to no cost to me. I want to offer a list of travel themed costumes that you can make easily and affordably. For each costume, I will link an example and how I would create this look.

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1. Safari explorer

Dressing up as a safari explorer would be so much fun. It would be an easy look to create, too. Just throw on some khaki shorts, a tee shirt or button down, a hat and wear some binoculars around your neck. You could even bring some of your own stuffed safari animals!

If you’d rather buy one or want some more inspiration for the look, check this one out!

2. Oktoberfest drinker

If your Halloween festivities are going to be more adult oriented, an Oktoberfest goer could be a real hit! Get some green shorts and wear suspenders, knee high socks and a funny looking hat. The thrift shop might be your best friend when trying to create this costume. The best part is that your beer mug will be part of the costume too!

Click this link for more ideas or to save some time and purchase your own costume.

3. Typical tourist

Be honest, you know exactly what I’m talking about here. We’ve all seen them and chances are, we’ve even been them at least once in our lives. Create this costume by channeling your inner “dad on a Florida vacation.” White sneakers, shorts, floral button-down shirt, sunglasses, a camera and either hold or stuff a map in your back pocket. I would buy a disposable camera (assuming they still make those things) and take pictures throughout. For extra pizazz, pretend you’re constantly getting lost all night.

Although I think this one is better created on your own, you can purchase a costume like this one here.

4. Flight attendant

For this costume, I would wear a slim skirt, buttoned blouse, heels and I’d put my hair in a low bun. Extra points if you can get some kind of airplane button. A prop could be to pretend you’re pouring some pop into one of those little cups they serve on planes.

Click here for an example.

5. Your favorite landmark

Creating this costume would probably require come craftiness or at least a good amount of patience. An easy one could be the Statue of Liberty. Use a green sheet for the dress and cut the crown and torch out of cardboard. Another idea is Big Ben. You could use a big rectangular box and decorate it.

Check out some examples for Lady Liberty and Big Ben.

6. TSA officer

I really think this costume would be so funny and relatable for anyone who has traveled by plane. I’d wear some black shoes and pants, get a blue button down, those blue latex gloves and try to create some kind of fake badge. To be funny, try to act really serious and question how many ounces of liquid everyone at the party has.

I can’t seem to find one online, so to purchase it you may need to buy a police officer costume and turn it into a TSA officer, or just roll with the police one if you’d like.

7. Queen Elizabeth II

Another easy DIY costume is Queen Elizabeth II. I would wear a dress, big fancy hat and some heels partnered with a grey wig and maybe some white, silky gloves. Break out your best royal wave we all learned from Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries and you’re all set.

This could be a good place to start.

8. Some foreign food

Dressing up as food might be a bit challenging, but it could be a big hit if you’re up for it. Some good examples for this are french toast, a taco or my Canadian favorite, poutine. You could either construct this costume out of some kind of cardboard or just wear the colors of the food and add some shapes that might help distinguish your costume to others.

Check out this great taco example.

What are you dressing up as for halloween this year? Which costume do you love from this list?

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