Life-Saving Camping Tips for Summer

As we all know, our typical travel plans and activities are going to be much different than usual this summer. The current state of the world is causing us to be more creative and try new things all the time.

While it seems like things are finally letting up, it still may be several more months before travel begins opening back up. In the meantime, you don’t have to waste your whole summer by staying at home and doing nothing.

One activity that is gaining some serious popularity this summer is going camping. After months of quarantine, it seems heading out into nature is exactly the fix everyone needs. What sounds better right now than relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors with no wifi or social media distractions?

Luckily, camping outdoors is one of those activities that everyone can do no matter how experienced or comfortable you are with nature. You can adjust a few things here or there, such as renting a cabin in a campsite if you don’t like sleeping in a tent on the ground, to enjoy all the benefits of camping while not stepping too far outside your comfort zone.

If camping sounds like a fun experience that you’d like to try or do again this summer, keep reading for some useful tips and tricks to make the most of your time outdoors.

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Choosing your campsite

This is obviously a very important step to planning your camping experience. Maybe you want to stay close to home, so you’ll want to find a place near you, or maybe you’ll want to experience a brand new place, involving a road trip. If a long drive is part of your plan, you’ll want to read my post about all the tips you need to know to have the best road trip possible.

This is also when you’ll need to consider the type of camping experience you’re comfortable having. If you have a camper or RV, you obviously want to find a place that allows you to park it. Although I’m sure if you own one of these, you’re not new to camping.

If you’ve never been camping and want to take it slow, I suggest finding a site that has cabins to rent to visitors. This can be a really great experience because you can still do all of the fun camping activities outside but when you’re ready to sleep, head inside and you’ve got a nice comfortable bed.

Choosing a tent for camping outdoors can be tricky.

Purchase the right equipment

If you’re camping in a cabin or a camper, you probably wont need too much equipment. However, if you want to try out tent sleeping, you need to be sure you get the right things for your budget and needs. Here’s a list of a few things I recommend for beginners to get you started. You can click the links for more information or to purchase.

Other necessities for camping you must not forget are things like food, water, toilet paper, appropriate clothing and any other toiletries you use. Regardless of your sleeping situation, many of these items are a must for your camping trip.

Camping friendly meals

When camping, it is important to prepare and bring the right kinds of food that can be easily prepared or cooked over a campfire. You’re not going to be making three course meals, and thats okay! Try looking for prepackaged meals and snacks that do not need to be refrigerated and that you can simply heat over a fire.

There are also tons of ways you can get creative with this. A little bit of planning can go a long way and help you eat well during your camping trip. I highly recommend searching Pinterest for some good camping recipes. I get so many good recipes from other bloggers on Pinterest. The best part is that you know they will be good because they are created and posted by real people who just want to spread the love.

Make sure you plan easy meals when going camping.

Bring games

The camping experience is all about enjoying time with people you love and disconnecting from the rest of the world. I think it’s so important to have times when we aren’t readily available and tied to our phones.

A great way to entertain yourself when camping is to bring fun games to play together. There will be times during the day when you just want to take a break from hiking or fishing and relax. Playing games at your campsite is a great way to do this. An *easily portable card game is the perfect choice and can be fun for the whole family.

Go during the week instead of the weekend

The whole point of camping is to get away from our everyday lives and lots of other people to spend time with family and friends. If you choose to go to a campsite, weekdays are best to ensure you actually have the privacy and quiet you’re looking for.

The last thing you want is to wait all week to get away and find out when you arrive that everyone had the same idea as you. Camping is much less fun with tons of strangers around making noise. Avoid this by taking some time off during the week, if possible, to go camping.

Consider extra padding for sleeping

If you’re set on the full camping experience and want to sleep in a tent, bringing extra padding will be a life-saver. You can purchase a sleeping pad to lay on top of or, if you’re really looking to max out on comfort, look for a portable blow-up mattress. Better yet, a combination of the two might suit you best, like this *inflatable sleeping pad.

Camping activities require a good amount of energy. You want to make sure you get the best sleep at night so you don’t have to miss out on any hiking, kayaking, swimming etc.

Making s’mores is one of my favorite benefits of camping.

Test out your gear before you go

I can’t imagine a much worse scenario than arriving at your camping destination and having no clue how to set up your tent or realizing your lanterns don’t work. Testing out all equipment before heading out can save you a lot of stress when you arrive. After all, the whole point of camping is to relieve stress, not create it. You can even take the time to waterproof your tent with a spray before you go, if it is not waterproof already.

Whether you’re a camping pro or a complete beginner, this summer is the perfect time to get out and go camping. We could all use a little escape right now and I hope these tips help you create the most memorable experience, and maybe even discover a new hobby.

What are your favorite life-saving tips for camping? Where do you want to camp at this summer? Comment below!

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