The Father’s Day Gift Your Dad Really Wants This Year

Father’s Day is coming up and if you’re anything like me, you feel the pressure every year to find that perfect, one-of-a-kind gift to give to your one-of-a-kind dad. It’s so hard to shop for dads because they seem to already have everything and let’s be honest, if they don’t have all the power tools they want, I surely don’t know enough to pick out the right ones to give them. Plus, a gift card is so impersonal, right?

What if I told you that it didn’t have to be so hard? The perfect Father’s Day gift is easier to find than you might think. This year, give your dad a gift of memories that he’ll cherish forever. After all, this guy is responsible for giving you life and loving you for all of it, doesn’t he deserve the absolute best day?

The Perfect Gift

This year, take your dad on the perfect getaway trip. Traveling together has been proven to bring people closer and create a better bond between them. If you don’t want to take my word for it, you can refer to a study done by the University of Massachusetts Amherst about the benefits of travel for family and relationships. 

If you can afford to take your dad on an extravagant vacation, go for it! I’m sure dad would love to lay on a beach and sip on some drinks with his newly appointed favorite child! That might sound great, but if we’re being honest, times are a little tough for some people right now and you can still show your dad how much you love him without dishing out all that money. 

Even if you can’t afford a luxury trip, don’t worry! Just pack up a cooler and take a little road trip to a nearby State Park or a cool place you’ve never been to and spend the day together. Take the whole family or just make it the two of you. Either way, he’s going to love the thoughtfulness and after being stuck inside all spring, he’ll appreciate it even more. 

The truth is, Dad’s are way more sappy than we think they are. They would much prefer real quality time with you than a 6-pack or a new tie. Also, a proven fact, dad’s love road trips. Since the beginning of time, dads have been the kings of the open road and refusing to use a GPS because “back in my day, we didn’t have these fancy machines and we used good ol’ maps!” 

Where to Go?

No matter where you live, there’s definitely a great place to take your dad for Father’s Day. Near my hometown of Angelica, NY, some options are Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA (check out my post all about what Presque Isle has to offer), Letchworth State Park, or a close by campsite, like Evergreen Trails Campground. 

If you’re still stuck, check out some official websites to find a National Park or State Park near you! 

Another idea, think of things your dad loves to do and do them with him. If your dad loves fishing, take him to a great place to do that where he’s never been. If he loves bike riding, take him to a new place where you can ride together and experience it for the first time with each other.

This can be perfectly tailored to make the most special day ever for your dad. He’ll be beaming to teach you all about his favorite hobbies and all you have to do is pretend you understand what he’s talking about!

This personal touch will mean more to your dad than that expensive trip that you probably can’t afford anyway. Dad’s love showing off and teaching their kids new things, even if you are pushing 30, you’re always going to be a child in his eyes. Give him the chance to be a dad to you again while you’re both making new memories together. 

It might seem overwhelming to plan a great day for your dad this Father’s Day. Some parts of the world still have restrictions due to coronavirus, so you may have to alter some of these ideas a bit, but they are mostly possible to do while still practicing social distancing. Get creative with it! You know your dad better than anyone!

Start planning now! Find a fun new place and head to the market to pick up some of his favorite snacks. Give your dad the best day or weekend of quality time with his favorite person/people in the world. He’s sure to feel the love and I know it’ll be a day he’ll always remember. 

Where would you like to take your dad for Father’s Day this year? Have you done something like this before? Tell me in the comment and if you like this post, be sure to share it using the buttons below!

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