Our First Two Months in Madrid

September- October 2019

It has officially been two months since we arrived in Madrid!

Royal Palace in Madrid.

Time certainly flies when you are settling into a foreign country and beginning a new life from scratch. Aside from the basics like setting up a new bank account, getting a new phone plan, navigating the public transportation system and the nightmare that is the Madrid rental market, we have spent the last 60 days exploring our new city and seeing all that it has to offer. From the typical attractions like Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace to the quaint surrounding towns of Toledo and Segovia, we’re trying our best to take it all in.

Our little corner of the city is Puerta Del Angel, just on the border of Casa de Campo, the largest public park in Madrid. When we’re not strolling through the walkways of the park, gazing at the parakeets, we like to spend time along the riverwalk or checking out the various other attractions Madrid has to offer.

Jacob’s mom, Maria, and aunt, Emily.

Some of the things we have seen so far: The National Archaeological Museum and the Prado Museum (twice), Puerta del Sol and the beautiful architecture, row boating in Retiro Park, Atocha Train Station, Flamenco dancing, hiking in the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains, and the El Rastro Flea Market.

We have already had our first visitors (Maria and Emily). We had such a great time with them! We spent our days eating and drinking plenty of wine while showing them around the city. We even bought some cookies from some nuns at a monastery through a turn-table in the wall.

Although our first two months in Madrid have been far from smooth, we are learning so much and trying to take everything in stride. After all, we get to be part of an amazing culture amongst some of the most beautiful sights in the world. We feel extremely humbled and grateful to be here. 

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